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With a long and successful history in our trade we have many fine examples of our work right across Sydney and many satisfied customers.

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Residential Cement Rendering

Advanced Rendering Co has transformed many homes throughout the years.Rendering your home can not only improve the look of it, cement rendering can also add value to your home.

What is Cement Rendering?

Cement rendering can be described as the procedure of applying a premixed plaster of cement, sand and lime over the stone, mud or brick work of a building with the intent of bolstering its original strength and beauty.

The rendered surface is typically textured, coloured or painted after the plaster application.

Rendering is generally used on exterior surfaces of walls, pools, buildings, shops and structures, however, it can be used as a part of the interior design to bring particular walls to the limelight.

By employing the correct proportion of compounds, a variety of rendering effects such as smooth, textured, pigmented, painted or coloured can be achieved.

The key assignment we use at Advanced Rendering Co is in the surface preparation. Choosing the right mix to attain the desired rendering results and a smooth application of the plaster.

Modern day home extension rendering has come of age. It has gone beyond the traditional experiments of cement rendering to explore various improved and artistic ways of rendering.

Based in Sydney, Advanced Rendering Company comprises a pool of expert rendering specialists with extensive knowledge of the rendering industry and expertise in providing A-class rendering services to transform your home into a stylish masterpiece and make it stand out in the neighbourhood. Along with providing rendering to residential buildings, the dexterous render specialists at Advanced Rendering Company also cater to commercial buildings.

Add Value $$$$$ to your Home!

Cement Rendering your home can add value to any home. If your thinking of putting your home up on the market and you don't have it rendered, then contact the Cement Rendering experts at Advanced Rendering Co.